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Let’s Petition Netflix for Fun

With the spread of the Coronavirus, people are spending more time than ever consuming streaming media. And thank goodness for our creatives, keeping us entertained as we gobble up their media. Confined to our homes, apartments, condos, and broom closets, we gaze from our bedroom windows with despair. A world outside, vibrant and bustling with […]

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Destin is eerily quiet.

During an outing to find essentials (spoiler alert: toilet paper is still impossible to come by), I filmed what it’s like in Destin without the bustle of tourists. Local- and tourist-staples like AJ’s and Harry T’s sit empty. Hog’s Breath Saloon closed permanently. Traffic is a trickle. HarborWalk is empty, but the music still blares. […]

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Making a Mark

One of the things that gets my brain moving at light speed is creative storytelling. So when I stumbled on 99% Invisible, the website, blog, and podcast that talks about design, I was all over that like flies on…well, you know. And then they released this episode: Making a Mark: Visual Identity with Tom Geismar. […]

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Wacom PTZ630 vs. Huion H610Pro

You may remember on Instagram that I posted about my new drawing tablet, the Huion H610Pro. A post shared by Lacey Pyle (@graphicstrategist) on Jan 26, 2018 at 1:27pm PST For some background, I’ve been using the Wacom Intuos 3 (model PTZ-630) since 2008. Or 2007. I can’t remember. It’s been my all-purpose mouse for […]