Hurricane Sally Aftermath

These photos are from the heart of Old Destin, FL.

Destin Beach at daybreak Wednesday morning. Although it’s blurry, look at the condos in the background; that’s not camera shake. That’s wind. Permission: Lacey Pyle

The notoriously unpredictable Sally made landfall near Gulf Shores, AL around 4:45 AM on Wednesday, September 15, 2020. This storm dropped about 14″ of rain (at the time of this writing, which is 6:21 AM Central Time) in Destin, and predicted a 3-5′ storm surge.

Bay News 9 | Tampa

During Sally

At my location, Sally felt like a whole lot of Not Much until about 2:30 AM on Wednesday. But we knew the storm would bring serious flooding–and boy did she. Awakened by the sound of wind whistling like a supercharger, rain hitting the window like a pianist with six hands, and flood water rippling past your door, it quickly became dicey outside.

While the damage and flooding here could have been significantly worse, we did not see this coming. I am thankful Destin didn’t get what Gulf Shores got.

10-sec time lapse of wind feet from the shoreline and just after daybreak.