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Making a Mark

One of the things that gets my brain moving at light speed is creative storytelling. So when I stumbled on 99% Invisible, the website, blog, and podcast that talks about design, I was all over that like flies on…well, you know.

And then they released this episode: Making a Mark: Visual Identity with Tom Geismar.

What makes a logo resonate?

This is one of those immeasurable qualities about design. It’s a feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know when it works. Or, in 99% Invisible’s argument, sometimes design is so good you don’t notice it. That’s what the episode delves into. Tom Geismar designed logos you’ve undoubtedly seen.


Mr. Geismar has some insightful thoughts about logo design and making an impact with your branding. He talks about why it’s important to take this seriously, and what his firm does for its clients. He is, in a word, #lifegoals like Ellen Lupton and Paula Scherer.

Give the podcast a listen if you ever find yourself wondering, “What’s the point of hiring a professional designer when my niece/friend/student will do it for free?” If you have the funds for a good designer, hire one. They think of things and follow instincts you might ignore.

It’s not just about knowing your way around the software–the software is only a tool, like a circular saw or stethoscope. A talented designer has acquired skills beyond these tools.

It’s my job to listen carefully, build trust, a deliver home runs.

I firmly believe in listening more than talking, and to get clients talking about themselves and their passions. I build relationships and we work from the trust and confidence we have in each other. Contact me and we can start that journey together.