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New Project: Dockside Porter Label

Dockside Porter Beer Label
Destin Brewery’s Dockside Porter Label, based on the public slips at the Harbor Walk

Porter is as a Porter does

Legend has it that the beer name “Porter” comes from the shipyard workers of England. These brutes often worked grueling jobs: dock personnel who porter–or, transfer–goods on and off ships. The alehouses of the day named their dark beers for the workers who drank them.

Harbor Walk Dockside

Destin Brewery released a seasonal porter made with molasses, lactose, and cocoa. They specifically wanted this label to be dark, and feature–possibly–the Harbor at night.

And, well, whaddaya know. I happened to have taken just the image to inspire it back in April 2020.

The Destin Harbor boardwalk
Photo from my Destin: Unoccupied photo series. Click for series.

The Dockside Porter label zooms in on the bollard and lantern at the edge of these public slips on the Harbor Walk. At night. Exactly where a (human) porter would work. *chef’s kiss*

I won’t pretend like this label wasn’t a challenge. There’s only so much detail and information one can include in such a small space and on this substrate. I considered several variations, iterations, and ideas before going back to my tried-and-true principle in design: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

In the end, Destin Brewery was very happy with it, and therefore so am I.