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New Project: Howell Consulting

Suede coated business cards

Energetic Investigations

Howell Consulting is an Illinois-based fire and explosion investigations firm. After ordering suede-coated business cards from me in early 2019, Mr. Howell contacted me in 2020 to also design his website.

And what an interesting job this is! Scott Howell, Principal, investigates commercial and residential explosions. He determines the cause, type of explosion, sequence of events, and will even testify in a court of law should criminal charges be brought against an individual or corporation.

HowellConsulting.Com Home Page

He needed something simple to explain his experience and qualifications, and offer a few relevant investigations. He had loads of information to work with, including a presentation he gives as part of his Explosion Seminar. Investigations page

He’s seen some shiz.

Mr. Howell is is a licensed professional engineer in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, he also has a a background in firefighting, experience in fire and explosion investigation, electric fire ignition experimentation, product testing for ignition hazards, fuel gas leaks and ignitions, full scale fire testing of ignition scenarios, and commercial hood and duct evaluations.