I like to help people.

The American Bar Association encourages attorneys to take on at least 50 hours of pro bono work per year. I admire a philanthropic spirit in people who make their living off what is usually a natural skill, and would like to follow (the) suit(s) [haha, pun intended]. I consider several criteria before accepting a gratis or reduced-rate work, so please be sure to address these areas in your application, plus any other information you think would be helpful:

  • Organization status
  • Public need and/or benefit
  • Date Needed (no ASAP work accepted)
  • Location
  • Goal and scope of project
  • Description of event, project, or need
  • Number of people working on the proposed project, including contractors, vendors, volunteers, and designers

Being a non-profit organization isn’t necessary, however, it helps. If you feel you have a worthy cause, go ahead and send an application. If accepted, we will have a written agreement–just like any other project–complete with specific turnaround schedules, revisions, project creep fees, ownership information, and the like.

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