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The BOB Ale

Blood Orange Blonde (BOB) Ale T-shirt and Can Label

Blood Orange Blonde (BOB) Ale

Destin Brewery had been brewing and serving in their tasting room a blonde ale infused with blood orange for quite some time. For short, they called it the “BOB” ale. It was tasty, and had a cute nickname.

In 2019, they began canning it, and the can needed a label. As the BOB Ale, we discussed using the movie What About Bob? as inspiration.

They turned to me for creative help. Can we use the movie poster? No. What about an image of Bill Murray’s face? Probably not. How might we reference the movie without violating its copyrights? How can we make this a success without hitting people over the head with it?

Sometimes, a design can take a week to even think of, or takes a few tries to get it right. Other times, it’s a one and done. This time, it was almost immediately obvious:


Use one of the most iconic scenes in the movie. And it makes sense in a vacation town, where locals are proud to be locals. They laughed. I laughed. Photoshop laughed. Immediately the design was approved, I knocked it out, and it went to print. The can design hit the shelves a few weeks later:

BOB (Blood Orange Blonde) Ale

Fast forward to 2020, and the design was so popular the previous year that they wanted me to modify the design for a shirt. And here we are.

The shirt is for sale in their tasting room, and comes in women’s racerback (they’re tri-blend and super soft), and in men’s t-shirts (also tri-blend).

If you see someone around Destin wearing the shirt or sipping the beer, don’t hassle them. They’re local. 😉