Here’s some memes I’ve made through the years that I set loose in the wild. Some caught on. A successful meme communicates a shared experience or connects people in new ways. Or they are so completely absurd that they become a parody of themselves. It’s about drilling down to a shared human experience, capturing it uniquely, and finding the right platform (and timing) to set it loose.

Click to see most of these in use.

Grammar Bunny
I made Grammar Bunny in 2017. Rampant on Twitter.
Draw Me A Square. Created in 2011. Used on and an e-book. Also seen on Twitter.
Onward Noble Steed, 2013. Mylie Cyrus herself caught onto this one (sorta).
I made this–for absolutely no reason–in 2019. I’ve seen it on Reddit, but Reddit’s search bar is purely for aesthetics and I cannot find the post.
Not quite a meme, but MIT (yes, the smart school) picked up my petition to change the Netflix sonic brand to the opening chords of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff.”
Neon No
Neon No was made in 2020. It communicates a bored, I-can’t-believe-you-have-to-ask No.
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