Destin Brewery Label Updates!

Since 2017, Destin Brewery has proudly displayed my award-winning work in their tasting room, restaurants, on Untappd and store shelves. This year, though, we updated the brewery’s flagship labels. See the before and after!


I went for striking, high-contrast labels to catch a shopper’s attention and a slightly playful typeface. All labels feature Destin’s Brewery’s logo slightly off-center–a deliberate choice to diverge from typical top-front-and-center placement on other craft beer labels.


Here’s the simplified design, sans-serif typefaces, and brighter colors; each is still reminiscent of the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village. Destin Brewery switched from gloss labels to an elegant matte finish, complementing the designs well. The logo is slightly smaller, but still bucking the norm. I couldn’t feel more honored to play a small part in the brewery’s growth.