Slava Ukraini.

In honor of the bravery shown by Ukrainians.

The unprovoked attack Vladimir Putin has waged on Ukraine is abhorrent. The bravery Ukrainian people have demonstrated in the face of what was assured defeat inspired worldwide admiration. Especially notable is the viral story about the Ukrainian woman who confronted a Russian solider with the historic words,

“Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here,”

I designed this sunflower in her honor, and in honor of the many defiant Ukrainians who have fought and died to defend their country. Each petal is a letter in the phrase–banned by Russia–Slava Ukraini. The base typeface is grotesque, chosen for its tightly-packed but simple letterforms–and its readability even after manipulating the letterforms into petals.

Today, we are all Ukrainians. Slava Ukraini.