As you may (or may not) already know, brewing, serving, and educating others about craft beer is one of my favorite hobbies. The people I met in craft beer are some of the best folks I know.

Fort Walton Brewing Company's logo
Fort Walton Brewing company, a new craft brewery up-and-coming to Fort Walton.

That being said, you can imagine how honored I felt when I was hired to produce Fort Walton Brewing Company’s logo. Fort Walton Brewing company intends to be a central location where homebrewers, small-batch craft brewers, and beer lovers can congregate to brew and sample beer. I did some research on Fort Walton, asked locals what they thought about the city, and considered my own intuitions about it. The consensus was that there was no consensus; Fort Walton Beach is viewed by many as a somewhat difficult to define. And I put that in the logo.

This logo focuses primarily on the city of Fort Walton Beach. Being a historic city built on military, tourism, and a dash of pirate folklore, the variety of typefaces in this logo take root in the variety of experiences one finds in Fort Walton Beach. The word “Fort” gives a nod to the U.S. Air Force with the use of it’s official typeface, Berthold Akzidenz Bold Extended. “Walton” takes on and older, more established yet whimsical look in honor of the town’s 1838 name, Camp Walton, and its pirate folklore. “Brewing” uses a font with terminals that are reminiscent of germinated malts: where the hull splits. Some letters are slightly out-of-place, recognizing that Fort Walton Beach refuses to conform to any singular idea.

You go, Fort Walton Brewing. You go.

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