Photo Buzz Studio Logo Design
Photo Buzz Studio Logo Design

When Photo Buzz Studios sought to hire a graphic designer to help them develop their new logo and branding package, they turned to me. Eager to get it right the first time, but also on a short timeline, Kelly Williams shot me an e-mail detailing her needs. In short, Photo Buzz Studios is an exclusive mobile photography studio serving professional, and formal occasions, including classy corporate gatherings and full-service event planning agencies. Photo Buzz needed to be recognized as an creative experiential firm. Quite abstract, yes? That’s okay.

“A graphic strategist is truly what I’m looking for!”

We exchanged thoughts and talked about the process, she shared a mood board with me to help me understand her vision for Photo Buzz. I boiled all this in a cauldron and poured out a feast for your eyes. Their logo focuses its inspiration on the understated, sleek look of exclusive night clubs in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta. The breaks in the letters are a subtle reference to neon lights and the purple is a color common to high-end nightclubs. The forward slash is a reference to Photo Buzz Studios’ more edgy, after-dark approach.

This is a web-resolution version of the fully printable branding guide book Photo Buzz received. This branding book offers tips for using the elements in the new identity package plus guidance and exmaples for creating a clear, consistent brand.

Photo Buzz Studios’ color palette represents colors commonly seen in night life and neon lights. Their colors communicate energy, vibrancy, dynamism, and contrast. The typefaces complement a “feel” Williams sought in our discussions, and each typeface is available for free as part of the Google Fonts project. Using Google Fonts makes the typefaces easily accessible for all her employees and presents no licensing issues. Plus, they are suitable for both web and print applications. Finally, I conceptualized the accent marks for use wherever and however Photo Buzz sees fit.

Photo Buzz Studios also received an easily shareable reference page for their new identity.

This is the branding reference sheet for Photo Buzz Studios. It includes typography, color palette, accent marks, and inspirational imagery.

Featured photo by Gansevoort-Provocateur-Club-NYC, of CityGasm.

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