Coneheads 8020 hired me to design their exclusive beer, 30E Lager.

Fresh off the artboard is Cone Head 8020’s label design for 30E Lager, so-named for the state route running through eco-conscious Cape San Blas. This label features sights from St. Joseph Bay, including the its pristine beaches, underwater sea grass, and scallops.

“Scalloping is huge here,” says Dwayne Piergiovanni, owner of ConeHeads 8020. “I would like the label to be indicative of St. Joseph Bay, without being cluttered, including the seagrass, scallops, sand, urchins, crabs, etc…things under the water.”

The phrase at the top, though, is a bit of locals-only knowledge. “It is one of the few places on earth where the sun rises from the water and sets back into the water,” says Piergiovanni.  The phrase could also serve another meaning: the beer is a “session beer;” not some monstrous 7% beer, so you can responsibly sip while fishing during the day.

Since 30E was brewed especially for Cone Heads 8020 by a local brewery, my strategy was to keep the look somewhat similar to their labels yet still include elements from Piergiovanni’s vision and the beer’s pre-existing tap handle.

If you’re looking for local beer in Cape San Blas, check out 30E at Cone Heads 8020. They also have ice cream for the little ones and burgers, pizzas, soups, salads, and appetizers for the hungry ones. Cheers!

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